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I/DEX belarus electronic music. Ambient, IDM, Glitch

Vitali Harmash (I/DEX, Harmash) is a natural born musician and sound designer, searching for sounds from early childhood. Having previously released music under Harmash, Mystique  and Speculum, he started to make analogue music since 1993 using synths, microphone and drum machines, then using field recordings and radio noises, then Sony PlaystationTM, and now a laptop. His works get an approval of leading musicians and European music zines.

His clear, volumetric and well-handled sound is like a huge pulsing organism that lives its own colorful life, engulfing you and catching imagination. He works between atmospheric and more rhythmical idm, glitchy micro-sound, ambient – and never stops at the borders.

Listening to music like this is like being inside a complex intelligent healing machine that scans and examines every piece of you – mind, soul, body and all the other components of a human being that only it can see. This machine uses sounds to palpate and locate every disfunctional, sore, tired, worn out and dislocated fragment and detail of you – and melts the tensions, fills the voids, clears the energy channles, cleans and restores corrugated regions, sends series of regenerating micro-impulses, cools down and warms-up where necessary. Heals like sonic acupuncture and mild, precise and concentrated neuro-stimulation.

Afterwards he gets invitations to participate in experimental music festivals in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania, where he played with various musicians and here are only some of them: Biosphere, Alva Noto, Frank Bretschneider, Vladislav Delay and Pole. At the same time he get around to collaborate with producers Pole (Connections), Kriipis Tulo (album Footpaths Of Autumn), H.H.T.P. (Andrey Savitsky), Gurzuf and Guy Van Belle. Within the bounds of Connections project, organized by Unsound Festival, Vitali Harmash and Stefan Bethke recorded a some tracks, one of was released in Connections (~scape) compilation in 2009.

Last several years Vitali worked with polish visual group Analog Visuals and carried european collaborative tour  that ended in Minsk with improvisation at contemporary art gallery Y.  At the end of 2011 instrumental jazz band Morfe proposes Vitali unusual collaboration, and as result album Ziziaq released. Than in spring 2012 he cooperates with Egor Zabelov  and composes a soundtrack for the theater play “Silk” by Alessandro Baricco. But experiments doesn`t stops and Vitali write and present  a soundtrack to film The Golem (1928) in the oldest Minsk cinema Raketa. And after releases the same name album “Der Golem”.

Nowadays Vitali writes music for mobile application, experiments with video programming using Jitter and performs with reactive audio-visual live set.

Other projects:  Harmash, Harmash, Krugly, Minkov,  i/dex+hhtp.

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