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Sa – electronic artist from St. Petersburg has just released an interesting and unusial album – Luna Luista. After aquiring an analog-modulation synthesizer he started an empirical search for his self in sound. This album is inspired by the French Avant-Garde artists, Music Concrete, Electroacoustics and Ambient music.

Luna Luista is both theatrical and hypnotic, full of madness and charisma. Immerse in this futuristic soundtrack!

Working with samples, synths and wit, Samvel Muradian aka Sa creates something unique and intriguing with Luna Luista, a weird combination of crackly hypnagogia, IDM and musique concret. There’s even jazz and classical music in there, but these show up more as sources for Sa to dissect and process, whirling about in a jumbled stew. For all the ingredients Luna Luista remains surprisingly lithe and focused, pitched somewhere between Ghost Box, Plug Research and Wolfgang Voigt’s recent Ruckverzauberung project.

The latter shows up in the orchestral-based tracks, the warbly strings of ‘Amet’ for example, before ‘Conflict’ zooms in on an upright bass stride and jazz percussion over which an incongruous low end pulse is sounded. ‘Ambulant Sub Aqua’ comprises water samples, aqueous synth blips, gargled tones and grey hiss while ‘Yopa’ introduces a cold raster noton rhythm to the surrounding scratchy haze. At 16 minutes ‘Smells A Lot Of Them’ is the centrepiece, a slow moving procession of cosmic pads, chimes and reverberant clanging fit for a remote space station, but their ideas wear thin over this duration. Sa are better in small bite sized chunks, like the neo- ‘Elevator Music’ of Curd Duca.

Cyclic Defrost, Joshua Meggitt


  1. gran+

    Intuition Confused (Monokle remix) российское упадничество…глобальная грусть..(

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  2. Artem

    Необычно! радует другое настроение

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  3. Lubava


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  4. Specific music, remix it was most remembered !

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  5. Danil


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  6. other measurements of .
    I was touched by those sounds, those notes .

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  7. Хороший звуковой дизайн

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  8. Varmaera Aerostata – it’s rebirth

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