Sanytch (AKA Alexander Nevolin) is a musician, DJ, professional designer and photographer. Was born in Minsk (Belarus). Starting from quite an early age he has been listening to a wide range of different music. The first album-like work was made on software in 1998 and was recorded on tape. Later attempts at making music followed, however purely for personal enjoyment. In 2007 he moved to Prague, where he purchased a midi-controller, a couple of groove boxes, effectors and started actively writing music influenced by the fathers of suchdirections as glitch, microhouse, click’n’cut, minimal techno.

His first release called “O” was issued by an internet label “Foundamental Network” and was inspired by early works of Jan Jelinek. Sanytch’s works can be characterized by warm deep sound, stylistically varying between ambient, minimal jazz/ techno, microhouse and dub techno. In 2009 Sanytch shared the same stages with Vladislav Delay, Moderat, Noze etc.