Viktar Siamashka

Viktar Siamashka is a Belarusian poet, broadcaster and musician seeking a synthesis of free jazz, folklore, academic and electronic music.  He specializes in a wide range of wind instruments often played with sound effects. His main artistic credo is spontaneous improvisation.

For many years Viktar has played in music and poetic group Kuzniec and Siamania, intuitive improv band Knyaz Myshkin and also has collaborated with a psycho-folk band Nagual. Since 2012 he’s dedicated to solo projects. During his artistic carreer Viktar has performed in many European countries and released a number of solo albums including “g.m” (published by a Russian label Clinical Archives), a collaborative album with French improviser Christophe Meulien, Biotope album etc.

In 2013 Viktar became the winner of Formanta – an electroacoustic music contest organized by the Belarusian “Radio Culture”. Viktar Siamashka has also published in several collections of Belarusian poetry and created radio programs about Belarusian music culture – “Terra Nova” and “Krakatuk”.