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I/Dex (Live), Kiev

I/Dex (Live), Kiev

7 декабря, Киев, ул.Горького, 180

December 7th, 2012, 20:00   Muscut and Visual Culture Research Center present experimental electronic music concert at “the plate”.  Participants: I/Dex, Andrey Kiritchenko, Petrov, Nikolaienko.



The concert hall of the Institute for Scientific-Technical and Economic Information (“the plate” near Lybidska metro station) was built in 1971 by a famous architect-inventor, composer, musician, scientist, physicist Florian Yuriev. His innovative solution of placing a ferroconcrete lens with a metal dome in the base of “the plate” helped to create a room with almost perfect acoustics. Yuriev’s plan was to locate a spherical lecture and cinema hall there, and a light-and-music theatre.

“The plate” is one of the most peculiar Soviet Modernism’s “second wave” buildings, created between 1961 and 1991. Despite the constantly growing international interest for the architectural heritage of the 1960 – 1990s, the building has not yet been assigned an official status of a monument, which puts its existence under a threat.

Experimental music concert at “the plate” is not only a chance to test the unique acoustic designing of the 1970s, but also an attempt to transform “the plate” from a half-ruined facility which is only known among few groups into a popular cultural location.

I/Dex (Minsk)

Andrey Kiritchenko (Kharkiv)



Contribution: 40 UAH