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What you could hear at Unsound 2017

What you could hear at Unsound 2017

С 9 по 15 октября 2017 года команда беларуского фестиваля Mental Force посетила пятнадцатый фестиваль Unsound в Кракове, чтобы познакомиться с организацией крупного европейского фестиваля, познакомиться с артистами и возможно пригласить их в Беларусь.

Unsound Festival один из наиболее влиятельных экспериментальных польских фестивалей, который соединяет экспериментальную, авангардную и клубную музыку с цифровым искусством, обширными лекциями, связывая музыкальные сцены разных стран между собой. Кроме Кракова Unsound проходил в Нью-Йорке, Лондоне, Торонто, Аделаиде, Минске и других постсоветских странах.

Mental Force Festival team ( mentalforce.by Belarus) with a return autumn visit to Unsound festival (unsound.pl Poland) marked some catchy performances for your eyes.

Полная программа фестиваля доступна на сайте, но мы зафиксировали некоторые интересные нам проекты:

Laurel Halo is one of those musicians who doesn’t like to stick to a particular style for long. For her latest album “Dust” she enlisted almost a dozen collaborators to break genre boundaries in a wonderfully uncanny valley style. Her vividly psychedelic, yet rubbery and raw sound draws on techno, jazz, funk and soul, but the end result is something else and very unique. For the Unsound live show she will be joined by New York percussionist Eli Keszler.

One of Britain’s best kept secrets, Giant Swan is a Bristol-based techno-not-techno band, famed for their amazing live performances. They build their music on a foundation of rhythmic tension and frenzied improvisation, so their show is an ever-changing energetic spectacle. Combining hardware, guitar and manipulated vocals, they make thunderous and aggressive music that taps into both industrial noise and psychedelic jamminess.

Einstürzende Neubauten are one of the key pioneers of industrial music, their revolutionary output in the 80s laying the blueprint for many of the genre’s acts. Their unique combination of guitars and home-made instruments created from scraps of metal, drainpipes, chains, drills, cables and more, as well as their frontman Blixa Bargeld’s magnetic voice and charisma, is explored in many ways, from harsh mixtures of noise and post-punk to beautiful and lyrical songs. In the 37th year of their career they’re embarking on a “greatest hits” tour that will highlight many creative peaks.

Known for her fantastic live sets, UK based artist Karen Gwyer recently released a new album on Don’t Be Afraid. “Rembo” is a glittering take on the classic techno sound, a sprawling and rich hardware workout designed for the most moving grooves and complex textures. No explanation is needed for how well this sound will translate to a live setting at Unsound 2017!

Australian audiovisual artist Robin Fox returns to Unsound with the third installment in his influential laser trilogy. Premiering in Kraków, “Single Origin” is a further exploration of the geometry of sound, drawing the spectrum of RGB (red, green and blue) into one laser projector. Fox himself describes the project as “essentially a concerto for a single laser beam” – and it’s certain to be spectacular.

Spencer Doran and Ryan Carlile’s project Visible Cloaks filter an 80s Japanese take on ambient music (among other worldly inspirations) through a contemporary lens. Using an international array of virtual instruments to advance the idea of pan-globalism through digital simulation, the crystalline sounds of this year’s album “Reassemblage” constitute a new and wonderful musical language. While retaining a gently stripped-down character, Visible Cloaks manage to create music that is lush and very vivid, creating an immersive and psychedelic experience both via their recordings and live.

Although often considered by many New Yorkers a simple busker, “the Viking of 6th Avenue” was a classically trained composer and a friend to New York Philharmonic conductor Artur Rodzinski and jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker, creating revolutionary and influential works combining classical music, jazz, Native American music and field recordings. Moondog for Gamelan sees acclaimed Indonesian composer Iwan Gunawan and his ensemble Kyai Fatahillah partner up with Stefan Lakatos, the owner of the original trimba – one of the inventions of the late visionary – to perform Moondog’s compositions on gamelan instruments, built specially for the occasion. The project was initiated by Europalia Indonesia and will feature an unheard piece written exclusively for Lakatos.

Otim Alpha is a Ugandan singer and musician, playing on adungu and nganga. In the early 00s, he started reinterpreting Acholi “Larakaraka” wedding songs with Leo Paleyeng, using a computer to achieve a unique combination of electronic sounds and traditional instrumentation. The resulting music is fast paced, polyrhythmic – and perfect for dancefloor madness!

Poly Chain is a Warsaw-based Ukrainian artist Sasha Zakrevska, working with analogue sounds. Her repetitive music shifts from blissfully meditative sounds to detailed and fractured stutter, and can be heard on her debut album released this year on Transatlantyk, Music for Candy Shops.

Все видео в одном плейлисте

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