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Der Golem — Foundamental Network

Harmash Der Golem

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Der Golem is Vitali Harmash’s deep drone electroacoustic reinterpretation of a silent magical story of Golem.  These soft crackles and clouds of time-dust sound as though the music is broadcasted straight through the centuries. Seems like Harmash has some kabbalistic drone generator in his studio.

Album was created after Paul`s Wegener “The Golem: How He Came into the World” silent horror film scoring. Performance was hold in the oldest Minsk cinema “Raketa” at Dec12 2012 where opened a week of silent German cinema.

“… a much darker theme is introduced, in order to dramatize a moment when nature refuses to behave. More specifically, the recording draws directly on an almost mythical silent movie of 1915, “Der Golem,” directed by Paul Wegener.  The ominous plot of the film explains those metaphors of instability, not to mention the purportedly “deep drone, soft crackles, and clouds of time-dust” in their hushed performance…”

“… Harmash fuses highly lush soundscapes with haunting moods, and mini symphony near progressions seamlessly stepped up and slowed down, respectively. More concretely, there are up clear-cut, treated sounds and remarkably rough hisses and microtonal noises thereby allowing the listener to enjoy a multidimensional perception of experimental music. Even if these compositions are made up just by following the minimal mode the resonances coming out from restrained turns and effects use do form a formidable approach…”

“Sous-tendu par moments de beats dub aquatiques ou autres idiophones ballotés par les courants changeants, ce petit chef-d’oeuvre tout en vagues de drones électro-acoustiques et de glitchs organiques aussi fines et instables que des sables mouvants”

“Lo que me atrae mucho de este señor, son sus diseños sonoros delicados y prolijos, lo cual demuestra un autor detallista y entusiasta. Siete piezas con una idea musical al estilo clásico pero introduciendo toda la capacidad de sonidos y texturas que genera la electrónica.

“Vitali Harmash go into heavily textural and srawling ambient territories that tells the story of the Golem through dusted atmospherics and eerie bells that disappear in the thick fog. Scraps of electroacoustic music found sounds come and go, but are quickly consumed and nullified into the overwhelming sonic tapestry. Good music for silent films soundtracks.”

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