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Irrhythmia — Foundamental Network

Pavel Ambiont Irrhythmia

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The album includes tracks made in 2007-2011, ranging from ‘Irrhythmia – ’a 7-part techdub exploration, to 4/4 cuts like “Eurhythmia”, “Heartless”, “Fluttertek” and ‘Spiral Flow’, to electro-inspired breaker “Error asking thread to die”, to cinematic elegies like ‘Infall’ or “Keywords” -and to more recent Belarusian-language spoken word pieces mixed with spiralling ambient (‘Sosny’, “Kropli”).

“Eurhythmia” and “Flutterfly” share atmospherics with Pavel’s collab tracks with Pinch – “Poison / Remedy” and “Jellybean”. Another collaborative fragments are Artem Atrashevsky’s electric guitar loops from ”Twisted Guitar” by Nerdy Dubz (Pavel and Artem) and VJ Solar Olga’s voice on “While She Sleeps”.

It really took a while to merge this poly-stylistic mosaic of tracks into a living hypnotic flow – “Irrhythmia” has grown out of the numerous sets played over the recent years – with each gig being a testing ground for the album that takes you from the breathing pads and dreamy chrystalline synths of “Irrhythmia (part.7)”, through the hissing, reverberating depths of “Irrhythmia (parts. 2 & 3)” and technoid pieces of varying emotional and mechanic intensity, to a very personal poetry – and back to techno. The final track, “While she sleeps (part.2)”, is both a taster of what’s to come – and a link to Pavel’s other, strictly techno, project Nieviadomy Artyst.

00:00 – irrhythmia pt.7
05:01 – irrhythmia pt.5
06:58 – irrhythmia pt.3
08:54 – irrhythmia pt.4
09:25 – eurhythmia
11:12 – irrhythmia pt.6
12:30 – irrhythmia pt.2
15:29 – irrhythmia pt.1
17:19 – heartless
19:30 – fluttertek
21:09 – flutterfly
21:52 – techychordia / flutterfly
24:12 – error asking thread to die / deepsome
27:17 – spiral flow
29:12 – umhuellen
30:54 – infall
34:43 – keywords
38:10 – sosny / rudimenthal pt.3 / philter
39:37 – kropli / philter / twisted guitar
41:38 – while she sleeps pt.2

All tracks written by Pavel Niakhayeu (Pavel Ambiont, Nieviadomy Artyst).
Guitar on ‘Twisted Guitar’ by Artem Atrashevsky (B_Twisted).
Vocals on ‘While She Sleeps pt. 2’, cover photo by Volha Salakheyeva (VJ Solar Olga).
Mastered by Vitaly Harmash (I/DEX).

“Stylistically it veers away from cosmic ambient dub vibrations and lush dubstep progressions to more exact, club-centered endeavours and even bubblegum-esque techno/robo pop glimpses and concrete sound and spoken word-fringed mystical rays. There can be drawn parallels upon the likes of Randomajestiq (his compatriot – from Belarus), Kraftwerk, The Orb (of course!), Sidharta (Andrey Kiritchenko), Alio Die, Gennaro Molino, Koalips etc. In a word, the issue is truly profound, subtly variegating and suggestively contemplative.”
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